Cancer can affect anyone.
But the good news is, finding cancer
early gives you the best chance
of getting better.

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Talking about Cancer

Sometimes when we are facing scary situations, talking about it can be really helpful. Whether you’re unsure about what to do if you notice changes in your body, or you want to yarn about how often you need to get check-ups, talking to a health worker, friend or family member can make the process a lot less scary.

We asked 3 people and their loved ones to share their cancer journeys. Watch their stories to find out how talking about cancer helped them get through it.

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Starting a conversation about cancer isn’t always easy and it’s normal to feel worried about things you’re unsure about. However, if there are changes in your body that could be due to cancer, it's really important to have them checked out.

Meet Charlie

Meet Leila

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Seeing your doctor or health worker

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Finding cancer early gives you the best chance of getting better and living well. The good news is there are things you can do to find cancer early. If there are any changes in your body that could be due to cancer, it’s really important to have them checked out. Speak to your health worker about:

  • any new or unusual changes in
    your body
  • how you are feeling
  • whether you are in any pain
  • whether anyone in your family
    has or had cancer
  • any other problems that are
    worrying you.

Free screening programs

It’s also important that you and your family participate in screening programs for breast, bowel and cervical cancers. You can find out more about these free programs including how old you need to be to participate at Remember most of us will need to go to a check-up or screening at some point in our lives—so there’s no shame in talking to family or friends about it as well as your health care worker.

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Keeping on top of your health

There are things you can do every day to reduce your risk of cancer. Including avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, eating a balanced and nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy weight by being active.

Doctors and health workers are there to give you all the information you need around keeping healthy.

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Find the help
you need

If you need more information around cancer, we’ve put together some useful resources for you.

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